🌞Sunshine Is Not Always Your Friend🌞

Oh sweet sunshine, how we love you.....except when we're doing gel nails. Most people don't realize that the sunshine can cure our gel on us. KoKo & Claire gel polish can cure within seconds from any UV light. Our UV/LED lights are not the only source of curing rays.

When working on gel nails with KoKo & Claire, you are going to want to make sure that, if you are sitting by a window, that you have sun-blocking blinds or curtains up. Sunshine rays that shine directly onto your gel, brushes, etc, will start to cure them within 3 seconds.

Even though you are sitting under a patio umbrella and you're shaded, it doesn't mean that UV rays aren't going to get to your gel polish. It's a wonderful thought to sit outside when it's nice to enjoy a relaxing gel manicure but this is never a good idea. Even though the sun is not shining directly on you, it can reflect off of everything! So if you are finding that your gel seems to be getting clumpy quick or your brush in the bottle has hardened, it is due to UV exposure.

We love to have decorative things on the walls such as mirrors and pictures but, these too, can affect your gel polish. Even if you are not sitting by the window, the sun's UV rays can reflect off of glass that is hanging on the wall or on a cabinet and cure your brushes. To avoid this, always have your blinds or drapes closed.

You might have a room where you do gel nails that has absolutely nothing on the walls. UV rays bounce and reflect best off of white walls which can also cure your gel and brushes. So many things that I bet you never even thought about.

I am a Certified Gel Nail Technician and I was aware of the other causes of my gel brushes curing but one thing that never crossed my mind was light reflecting off a windshield. In my salon, I had my nail desk way in the back corner of my shop as far away from the windows as possible. The odd time, I was finding that my gel brushes were hardening and I couldn't figure out why. Not only was I getting extremely frustrated, it was becoming costly to replace my brushes. Once your gel brushes are cured, there is no way to reverse that so taking all the necessary precautions is a must. I sat down at my desk one day and I was being hit in the eye by the sun which shouldn't have been possible. I looked up and it was reflecting off of someone's windshield on their car across the street! Who would have thought?!

To sum it up, when you're using KoKo & Claire, use it in a room away from the window without the sun shining in. Please share all of your KoKo & Claire creations with us on Social Media and be sure to TAG us on the picture so that we see it. We would be happy to share your creations. Stay safe my friends!

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