How To Apply & Remove Your KoKo & Claire Mani

koko step by step


CREATE YOUR PERFECT MANI... with no damage to your natural nails!
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  • First, select the perfect KoKo & Claire shade for your mani!
  • File, shape, lightly buff surface and perfect your nails with our Koko Mani Set.
  • Remove dust from all nails with your KoKo&Claire Dust brush
  • Apply "Clean" to all 10 nails, allow to dry
  • Apply "Prep" to the tips of your nails only
  • Apply "Base" sparingly to the entire nail ensuring to cover the edges of your nails. Do not touch your cuticles with product! Cure using our Koko&Claire light, pushing the button one time for a 45 second cure
  • Brush on 1-2 coats of your favourite "Koko&Claire" color and cure 45 seconds between each layer
  • Seal your mani with "Shine" capping the edges of your nails and cure 45-60 seconds  
  • Please note, as every nail and customer is different we cannot guarantee the number of days of your gel polish manicure will last.   Click to watch the video!



Don't worry, your gel mani won't accidentally come off when you do the dishes or relax in the hot tub!

  • Lightly buff the surface of your mani
  • File the ends
  • Soak in hot water for 7-10 minutes.  A hot bath, or a bowl of bubbly hot water works great! 
  • Use your orange wood stick to start peeling the product away from the cuticle area and peel away gel product. Your natural nails will be strong and healthy!  
  • Clean and prep to start again with a new color!