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We are always humbled by the amount of love that is shown for our products. It is wonderful to see all of the beautiful creations that come from our devoted customers. In today's blog, we're going to share some of that KoKo love by showcasing some of our customers' gel polish manicures.

How can you not love this gel manicure done by @distinctlychelly?! It represents  all that is Spring...butterflies and daisies. It doesn't get any more Spring-like than that. This eye-catching mani was done using KoKo & Claire's 157 "Lush Lilac" gel polish as the base color followed by layered stamping using CjS stamping plates CjS-52 "Lines" & CjS-104 "I Dream of Daisies". This is absolutely stunning!

There's something to be said about a simple, clean gel polish manicure. This beautiful & elegant manicure was done by @bekirowenailartist using KoKo & Claire's gel polish color 038 "Spring in Seattle". KoKo & Claire has a variety of neutral & pastel colors for the person who isn't interested in anything flashy. There is a wide variety to choose from.

Can you say Wowza?! This stunning gel polish manicure was done by @fificrossnails using KoKo & Claire gel polish color 030 "Crisp Spring Morning". It is one of our many gel polishes that have a shimmer to them. The pigmentation is high so it makes for an easy one coat coverage. This is such an alluring shade of blue.

Do you ever see something and it just makes your heart melt? That's what this adorable gel polish manicure does. @enchantednailsbykellie created this delightful gel polish manicure using KoKo & Claire gel polish 152 "Lil' Lamb" as the base color followed by Clear Jelly Stamper's layered stamping plate CjS-98 "Let There Be Llamas". We just can't get enough!!

This stunning gel polish manicure was done by @taliasnailtales using our new gel polish "Crystal Rainbow Trio" that includes 175 "Pitter-Patter_Pink!", 176 "Jibber- Jabber!" & 177 "Whipper-Snapper!". This picture does not do these stunning gel colors any justice. Their holographic shimmer gleams in the sunlight!

You either like glitter or you're wrong! This gel polish manicure was done by @mollymoosnails and it is absolutely gorgeous. This KoKo & Claire glitter gel polish is a must-have in your collection. 160 "Luscious Lavender" is a vibrant purple and teal sparkle gel polish that will be sure to impress. This is only 1 color from our "Sunshine and Sparkles Collection". The other gel polishes included in this collection are: 158 "Prissy Papaya", 159 "Sassy Salmon", 161 "Magnificent Mint", 162 "Precious Pink", 163 "Starlight" & 164 "Aurora".

We want to see your creations! So please tag us @kokoandclaire when you post them so that we can share them. The world is a place of unrest at the moment so we want to see some positive, fun & happy nail love. Please stay safe friends!

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