💖Off to Paris!💖

In a time when the world has stopped and travel is at a standstill, we wanted to combine a newly released layered stamping plate from the Original Clear Jelly Stamper and beautiful gel polish colors from the KoKo & Claire collection to create a trip to one of the most stunning places on the planet.......PARIS! Come on a trip with us.......


Nail #1

In this springy look, we used KoKo & Claire gel polish 044 "Mocha Mudslide" as the base color. It's a metallicy smooth mocha look and represents the soil where Spring flowers  flourish. Using layered stamping plate CJS-151 "Springtime in Paris", we stamped the base of the daisies in #97 "Oceanside" stamping polish. Then we stamped the leaves using #22 "Clementine" and finished off the design by stamping the outlines using #1 "More Like 1AM". There are two opposite images of this flower design on the plate to enable the mirrored look.


Nail #2

A pretty lady taking a walk in the park while enjoying the bright blue sky. This design  represents the romance of Paris and the mystical love that many hope to find there. The base color used for this design is KoKo & Claire 018 "The Perfect Sea". The classy lady is stamped with the following CjS Clear Jelly Stamper stamping polishes: her skin is stamped with #81 "Vintage Coral", her dress is stamped with #22 "Clementine" and the outline is stamped with #23 "Pure Cocoa". "Amore" up the side of the nail was stamped using CjS nail stamping polish #23 "Pure Cocoa".


Nail #3

This nail was done with strictly KoKo & Claire gel polish colors using a marbling effect. Paint the whole nail with one coat of 018 "The Perfect Sea" and cure. Then apply a second coat of 018 "The Perfect Sea" and, before curing, take 072 "Tumeric" & 044 "Mocha Mudslide" and randomly dab dots of both colors. Take a detailer brush or dotting tool and drag it through all of the colors to run them into each other. There is no right or wrong way to do this. You will achieve a unique look with every nail that you do.


Nail #4

Coat the nail with 018 "The Perfect Sea" and cure. Then apply a second coat but only if needed. KoKo & Claire is often a one coat and cure but sometimes you might need a quick second coat. We simply used the word "Paris" over and over again using different nail stamping polishes. The Clear Jelly Stamper stamping polishes we used in this design are #23 "Pure Cocoa", #39 "Teal or No Teal" and #22 "Clementine". It's a very simple design but the scriptive font makes it a classy look.


Nail #5

"Oh my fair lady" These are two different images on the CjS-151 "Springtime in Paris" layered stamping plate but we wanted to show you how you can use your imagination to combine two unrelated images to tell one story. The base gel polish color used in this design is KoKo & Claire 072 "Turmeric". We started this design by stamping the unicycle first with CjS stamping polish #1 "More Like 1 AM". Then we moved onto the beautifully sitting lady by stamping her hat & dress with #97 "Oceanside", her skin with #81 "Vintage Coral" and the outline with #23 "Pure Cocoa" to tie all the nails in together.


Our completed design set

Oh what a beautiful story this set tells. This set was top coated with KoKo & Claire Matte to give it that Vintage look.  Matte always takes the best pictures as well due to no light reflections. This set was a nice combination of KoKo & Claire gel polishes and layered stamping images from Clear Jelly Stamper. You can find all of your KoKo & Claire needs by visiting www.kokoandclaire.com and all your stamping needs from www.clearjellystamper.com.

Please share your creations with us on your social media and be sure to TAG us (@kokoandclaire) so that we can see them and share your art! Please stay safe my friends!

**If you ever have any questions regarding how the product works or you are having any issues, please email your questions to support@kokoandclaire.com.

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