💅🏼KoKo & Claire to the Rescue!⛑️

Our world is still in a state of not knowing when things will get back to normal. We have created a great Rescue Kit that will help the Nail Client take care of their own nails until they can get back to the magic at their Nail Technician's desk. If you need additional assistance on how to use the Rescue Kit, there is a tutorial video on our website that will show you how to grow off and maintain a beautiful manicure until your technician is taking appointments again. You can also email our support department at support@kokoandclaire.com with any other questions you may have.

The kit contains the following products:

Our KoKo & Claire Mini Lamp

It is a UV/LED travel lamp with a USB plug in so it's great for anywhere you go. You can even do your nails as a passenger in the car! Most of our products are a 45 second cure with a few being 60 seconds. You can also use a UV only lamp with our products but make sure you are doubling the curing time.

KoKo & Claire Manicure Mat

Our Mat was created to protect the surface you are working on and it's also perfect for a backdrop to take pictures of your nails and creations. It's just the right size to work with and its' anti-slip material will keep your work surface in place. You can clean up any polish on it that you leave behind simply by wiping it with nail polish remover or acetone and it will not ruin the finish or remove the pattern.

KoKo & Claire "Clean"

"Clean" is used after buffing the natural nail to remove the shine. It is a dehydrator to help decrease or rid the nail plate of any oils or moisture. The key to good adhesion is dehydration!

KoKo & Claire "Prep"

"Prep" works as a binder for your gel manicure to help prevent your gel from chipping. You only need to apply "Prep" to the tips of your natural and not the entire nail. 

KoKo & Claire "Strong"

"Strong" is a thicker, builder type gel that adds strength to the natural nail to allow them to grow out longer and stronger. It is applied after your Foundation products and before your color. 

KoKo & Claire "Shine"

"Shine" is one of our top coats to apply at the very end of your Manicure. The other option is "Matte" and that can be purchased separately. It does not come in the Rescue Kit. Our "Shine" is a high gloss top coat that requires a 60 second cure in an LED lamp and 2 minutes in a UV lamp. It should be tack free once it is cured. If it's slightly tacky, try curing a little longer or wiping it with a cleanser.

KoKo & Claire Cuticle Tool

Our signature rose gold Cuticle Tool is a great implement to have. It's not only pretty but it's perfect for prepping your cuticles before applying our gel products.One end is for gently pushing and lifting the cuticles back and out of the way. It does have a sharp edge so be very gentle so you don't cut the skin. The pointed end is for cleaning out any excess dust from under the cuticle or debris under the natural nail. Always sanitize and disinfect any metal implements after every use. Sanitize by scrubbing with soap and hot water for 20 seconds. Dry and then use a disinfectant on it. Dry it again and put it away in an airtight container until the next use.

KoKo & Claire Limited Edition Gel Polish Color

We will include a Limited Edition Gel Polish color that has never been released to the public. It's a surprise and who doesn't love a surprise?!

You will also receive a couple of nail files, buffer and a birchwood stick to assist with your manicure.

I know we are all eagerly awaiting for the beauty industry to fire up again but, in the interim, we wanted to provide the public with a kit that would keep them happy at home doing their own nails. Order your kit today and start taking care of those nails! Your Nail Technician will thank you! Stay safe my friends!!

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