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In today's blog, we're going to address some of the most commonly asked questions about KoKo and Claire's soak off gel polish system.

Customer:  What are the ingredients in your products?
KoKo & Claire:  If you visit our website at www.kokoandclaire.com, you can see all of the ingredients in every product we carry under the MSDS category. We have nothing to hide and the health and safety of our customers is a priority of ours. KoKo and Claire was created for the health and well being of the natural nail.

Customer: My brush in the bottle completely hardened after the second use. Do you know what possibly could have caused this?
KoKo & Claire: It is very important to keep your brush inside the bottle whenever you are not using it.  Don't leave it laying on the table
where it can be exposed to your LED or UV light.  The rays from the sun shining in through the window can cause gel to cure as well.

Customer: One of my colors has gotten extremely thick. Can you give me advice on what to do about this?
KoKo & Claire: You can put 1 or 2 drops of our 'Clean' into your color. Try 1 drop first and mix well. If it is still too thick, add another drop. Keep doing this until it is the consistency it should be. 2 drops max should do the trick. You don't want to thin it out too much because it will lessen the good pigmentation. Too thin of a consistency could cause the gel polish to run into the skin and you don't want that.

Customer:  Why would my gel polish be lifting?
KoKo & Claire:  There are a few reasons why your polish could be lifting.  You could have lifting if you didn't buff the surface of the natural nail. You could have lifting if you didn't apply 'Clean' to dehydrate the natural enough. You could have lifting if any of your gel products have come into contact with the skin. Gel doesn't stick to skin so they will start lifting immediately. You need to seal the gel to the natural nail.

Customer: Can you tell me when to use the 'Strong' and exactly what it's used for? Does it go under the color or over?
KoKo & Claire: 'Strong' provides extra strength for your natural nails to help them grow out without breaking. Use 'Strong' after your first foundation products to ensure longer, stronger nails naturally.  Cure it for 45 seconds in our Signature KoKo & Claire LED lamp. Keep in mind that 'Strong' is quite thick. To make the consistency slightly thinner, you can put it on a tile on a warming plate.

Customer: The color started chipping off after 3 days.  How do I avoid this?
KoKo & Claire:  After prepping the natural nail and after you've applied 'Clean' to dehydrate the nail, apply a coat of 'Prep' to the 
free edge (tip of the nail) ONLY. 'Prep' was created solely for this purpose.

Customer: My gel polish won't soak off. What am I doing wrong?
KoKo & Claire:  Make sure you have applied a coat of 'Base' underneath your gel polish color. If you don't use 'Base', you will not be able to soak of your polish.  Also, if you are using 'Prep' before your 'Base', be sure to only apply 'Prep' to the free edge (tip of the nail) only. If you apply 'Prep' to the whole nail, it works like a glue.

Customer:  If I use 2 coats of 'Base', will that make it easier to peel it off rather than using only 1 coat?  
KoKo & Claire:  As long as you are applying a sufficient coat of 'Base', you won't need to put 2 coats. If you apply too thin of a coat where you can see brush lines, this could hinder the peeling off process. If your coat is thick enough, it should look glossy without streaks.

Customer:  Can I use 'Strong' as a top coat or must I apply a top coat over 'Strong'? 
KoKo & Claire:  'Strong' was designed to help provide additional strength to the natural nail.  It was not designed to be used as a top coat. 'Strong' does not have a high gloss finish.  In order to have your finished nails looking shiny and have a long lasting high shine, you're going to want to apply 'Shine' at the very end.

If you have any questions about KoKo and Claire that has not been answered in today's blog, you can email us at support@kokoandclaire.com.  Please share your creations with us on Instagram by tagging us in your posts @kokoandclaire.  We would really love to see your work!

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